Quality for guest,
fire for the senses...

The fascination of comfort
for gentlemen that say ‚Yes!‘ to life

and the ‚I’m comfortable here’-feeling is only experienced in bars that have been around for some time. Every guest will find the special aspect about the EXZESS! Gentlemen-Club for himself or herself and every guest is part of creating the atmosphere and vibe.

A unique ambiance awaits you, supported by an antique vault that stretches through the location and gives each room a very special character. Perfect cleanliness and caring maintenance give you a feeling of tidiness and a sense of well-being!

The interior between classic and modernity, cosy corners and themed rooms, as well as a wonderfully decorated sauna area allows your fantasies to be free and to actually live them in the comfort of a well functioning Austrian “family business” that has been perfected over 27 years.

Experience living-room atmosphere with the amenities of a treasured bar culture!

To all music lovers!

We indulge your ears with an extensive selection of music from different genres, as well as rarities and live versions. For us, it is a musical treat to be inspired by your music suggestions. No holding back! Bring your music to us! (Flash drive or CD)


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Wir garantieren maximalen gesundheitlichen Schutz, Sauberkeit und absolute Hygiene.
VERSCHWIEGENHEIT UND DISKRETION sind seit 31 Jahren unsere Grundprinzipien!