You want a life full of luxury and glamour, to be desired and appreciated as charming seductress, and you are looking for a discreet source of income?
You love being a woman, understand yourself in your natural way of enchant others and you appreciate classy entertainment and good manners, exuberant parties and easy, non-binding togetherness in company of such gentlemen?
You are in exactly the right place!
The atmosphere at the EXZESS! Gentlemen-Club is informal and relaxed. Each of our ladies loves ‚Money and Champagne‘ and knows why she is with us!
The challenge of a high income is attractive.
But not every lady fits our team.
So, please don’t forget to send us a photo.
Of course, all your information will be handled 100% discreetly.
We are a lively team, requirements to be a part of it:
- tasteful, attractive appearance - LADYLIKE
- charming and lovable charisma
- loyal, team-oriented behaviour
- joy in capturing the male sex
- Control card

We offer:
- a lot of cash, daily
- friendly, classy, and generous regulars
- beautiful, tidy rooms
- housing options
- friendly club ambiance

The club stands for sophisticated aesthetics
A place with class and charming extravagance
in tasteful and discreet club atmosphere.